This Log Cabin Is Surprisingly Affordable, Take A Peek Inside

Log cabin

You’ll want to take a closer look at this classic post-and-beam log cabin building. This small cabin design features open living space on the main floor, with a loft sleeping space upstairs. The log cabin can also be designed to have a covered porch in the front.

This post-and-beam rustic log cabin design is an ideal choice for country living—for those who just want to get away from the hustle and spend some time in nature. The log cabin style is known as post and beam, and it can be built with round or squared logs. This offers a beautiful alternative to the more standard squared-off timbers seen in timber frame designs.

This tiny log cabin design uses logs to support the roof structure, loft floor, and front porch, with log walls between log corner posts—constructed using standard two-by-six stick construction. The exterior of the log cabin is designed with a combination of naturally finished logs and board siding that can be painted or stained. This small log cabin design is an excellent example of quality post-and-beam log cabin construction. With a smaller eco-building footprint, this design combines natural beauty and strength.