This Tiny Wood House Is Only 290 Sq. Ft., But Wait Till You See The Inside!

Living in a big house with numerous rooms and extensive living space is a common dream. But can you picture yourself residing in this little wood house? Take a look at the interior of this 290-square-foot cottage. We believe you’ll want to snuggle up in this adorable wood home!

The Living Room

When you walk into the house, the first thing you see is the living room. There, you can have a nice dinner with family and friends, sitting at a tiny table. The orange lights are also a nice addition to the wooden structure, providing a sense of security and comfort.

The Corner Of The Living Room

When you desire to watch television, read, or just hang out with your buddies, come to the other side of the room. You may even grab a pair of skis and have a great time skiing on a snowy day!

The Kitchen

The Stairs

It is true that this little kitchen doesn’t provide much space to cook, but you can still prepare a nice one-pot meal. If you make pasta or rice, you and your guests can have a wonderful meal. It’s a nice challenge to think small in this kitchen, where you don’t need a lot of pots and pans!

The Balcony

The wood staircase is one of the home’s beautiful details, and it is located right above the kitchen. Because no two steps are the same, the stairs have a rustic appearance.

The Bedroom

When you climb the stairs, you can discover a tiny landing with a little balcony that overlooks a lot of trees and other greenery. It’s a wonderful place to escape if you want some time to yourself.

The Bathroom

You can sit in bed and admire the forest as you stay indoors on a rainy day, thanks to the bedroom’s ample storage and comfortable vibe.

The Attic

The bathroom is tiny, as is everything in this house, but it’s spacious enough to move around in!

A Small But Complete Space

A nice little space has been created by converting the attic into a bedroom with sloped ceilings. We believe we would sleep like babies in this house!

The bathroom is tiny, as is everything in this house, but it’s spacious enough to move around in!