Top 7 Worthwhile Home Additions That Can Increase Home Value

Home improvement projects often aim to add value to their property, yet not all upgrades provide equal returns.

Spending money on luxury entertainment upgrades may not provide a strong return when reselling, as future buyers likely prefer more conventional designs.

1. Add a Deck

A deck can make the perfect addition to any home that values outdoor living, providing an ideal place for family and friends to come together while taking advantage of summer weather without spending hours mowing grass or pulling weeds!

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, investing in a deck is an investment that could increase its value in the future. Well-designed backyard patios, porches, and decks attract potential buyers, making it more likely they make offers on them.

Plus, having a deck will protect your yard from rainwater – another key consideration for many homeowners. Furthermore, its unique look can draw in passersby or potential buyers at open houses – not to mention you get to enjoy it as part of living there!

2. Add a Fence

A fence can add both privacy and delineation between properties. As an attractive feature, it can increase curb appeal – and serve to decrease any negative effects from neighboring yards that might harm home values.

Note that a poorly maintained fence won’t necessarily add value; potential buyers could be turned off by its decayed, rusty, or dirty condition and offer less for your home as a result.

Fences can add great value to your property, but before making this investment it’s essential that you conduct extensive research. Speak with a real estate professional in order to find out more about creating the ideal fencing solution for your property and which materials and types will add the greatest return.

3. Add a Sunroom

While sunroom additions may be more costly than other room upgrades, they will increase the value of your home while creating a multi-functional space that can be utilized over the years. Sunrooms also provide plenty of natural lighting which benefits your complexion, and energy levels, and can even lower electricity costs!

Solariums or conservatories are rooms that sit separate from the rest of your home and feature large windows, often floor-to-ceiling ones that open onto skylights. Some are climate-controlled allowing year-round usage while three-season varieties can only be accessed during certain times due to sliding patio doors physically separating it from its environment; others feature fireplaces to help heat this space in winter while providing ambiance year-round.

4. Add a Patio

A patio is an invaluable addition to your home, providing you with an outdoor space where you can unwind and appreciate nature’s bounty. Plus, it gives you an excuse to spend quality time with family and friends! Plus, patios look beautiful when decorated with potted plants, flowers, or other ornamental objects!

Homebuyers today want outdoor living spaces, so adding a patio to your property could increase its value significantly. Patios resemble porches but typically sit in the backyard.

Understanding the differences between a patio and a porch can add different advantages to your home. Patios are great places for relaxing and socializing, while porches often serve as shelter from rain – both are fantastic additions that offer different advantages.

5. Add a Deck with a Fireplace

Most homeowners tend to neglect their outdoor spaces during cold weather months; however, adding a deck with a fireplace can turn it into an inviting and sociable spot for guests to spend time in. Fire pits offer ambiance without providing enough heat; real wood-burning fireplaces provide both heat and the chance to toast marshmallows!

Location is equally as crucial when considering fireplace installation. To maintain proper functioning and aesthetic appeal, the chimney must be set back from the house at an ideal distance and its design should complement both the exterior aesthetics of your home and the landscaping around it.

Due to the intricate nature of adding a deck with a fireplace requires gas lines, masonry work, and other forms of specialization that a DIY homeowner cannot handle successfully, professional contractors may be the better option in handling this project more efficiently and cost-effectively than an amateur would. Furthermore, professional contractors will help ensure your fireplace meets local zoning regulations while being placed in its most functional location for outdoor enjoyment.

6. Add a Deck with a Hot Tub

Installing or placing a hot tub onto a deck is a fantastic way to increase the value of your home. Not only are hot tubs luxurious additions, but they also give you an opportunity to entertain guests and friends in stylish surroundings while increasing value as prospective buyers or tenants are more likely to offer higher offers on homes with clean, well-kept hot tubs.

Add even more flair and style to your hot tub deck by including a bar area for socialization and drinks accessibility. Playing with different textures like concrete and wood will also create a visual impact on the deck.

If your Hot Tub is visible to neighbors or passersby, consider creating a screened deck space around it as protection from unpredictable weather conditions and to use year-round for spa-like relaxation. It will give your deck year-round use while giving it that spa feel.

7. Add a Deck with a Pool

A deck with a pool can significantly boost the value of your home. Not only can it create an outdoor oasis, but its use will give potential buyers the impression they have more usable living space than they did previously. Add an inviting fire pit as an additional cozy gathering spot in cooler months!

Make the most of your deck or pool area with architectural concrete water features that serve double duty: seating and noise insulation from nearby traffic and homes. Plus, these structures help muffle unwanted sounds like traffic noise!

Be sure to orient your deck so as to take full advantage of striking natural views, too. Landscaped views and features like water fountains will add further tranquility. Lighting options like path and uplighting for trees or architectural features, or mercury vapor lights at night for a soft moonlit effect can further accentuate its beauty.