The Best Celebrity Homes of All Time

Celebrities are well known to purchase expensive homes and fill them with extravagant amenities, like Michael Jordan’s home which features a massive infinity pool with an island in the middle. Read to explore more about celebrity homes.

Angelina Jolie’s Chateau

An estate that would make any royal blush is home to the famed bipolar actress. Set on an idyllic vineyard, her stunning French chateau boasts 35 rooms, an indoor/outdoor pool complex with a movie theater and spa services; a dirt bike course; a helicopter pad as well a moat. There are rolling hillsides of pine forest with olive groves; as well as multiple 17th-century structures on her property.

Jolie purchased Miraval Vineyard and a 35-room chateau through their joint holding companies for an estimated cost of approximately $160 million in 2008. While they were married, Miraval rose quickly in popularity with Wine Spectator featuring it on its top 100 list in 2013. Pitt filed his 2021 legal complaint alleging Jolie sold off her stake to alcohol distributor Stoli Group while lying about doing so in order to gain an edge against him.

Pitt and Jolie had agreed in 2016 not to sell their stakes without mutual consent, yet according to Pitt’s lawsuit she broke this promise and sold her share to Stoli for an estimated $70 million without his knowledge or involvement in creating successful wine. Pitt contends she did not contribute significantly towards the company’s success so wants to reclaim them all as soon as possible.

Though initially planned in 2003, construction did not commence until 2010. A power couple purchased the home in 2010 for approximately $50 million – approximately $42 million today – featuring nine bedrooms, a meditation lounge, and a recording studio as well as various fountains, a private lake, a vineyard, and various fountains on its grounds. Johnny Depp and Victoria Beckham once lived here. It sits along an ancient Roman road and contains multiple structures from 17th-century France.

Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Bel Air Mansion

Jay Z and Beyonce, one of the biggest music power couples ever, have amassed an extraordinary fortune that would be unattainable to most of us. Over the years they’ve owned or rented some incredible homes before finally settling on one in Bel Air, California in 2017. Designed by architect Paul McClean, their home features floor-to-ceiling glass walls that open at the push of a button while its private gardens provide plenty of foliage and protection from prying eyes.

The main living area features a stylish aesthetic and a massive fireplace perfect for gathering with family and friends. Beyonce has also been seen playing with her children here on several occasions and it looks like they’re having loads of fun!

One of the most impressive rooms in any home is its master suite, boasting a luxurious vanity, walk-in closet, and plenty of windows that take full advantage of the breathtaking view. Meanwhile, its bathroom is equally as impressive with a tub, shower, and toilet all made of white marble – each element exquisite in its own right!

The backyard pool and patio are ideal for socializing with family. Covered in white and taupe stone for an updated classic aesthetic, there’s also a BBQ grill, fire pit, and plenty of seating so guests can fully appreciate nature.

As for the rest of the property, there is a 15-car garage, staff quarters, four pools, and a basketball court on this sprawling estate surrounded by large iron gates with security cameras installed throughout – truly luxurious living at its finest!

Home is also notable for having a separate structure to entertain guests, with outdoor kitchen facilities, a movie theater, and a dance studio all within its walls. Here is where a famous couple has hosted many parties for friends and family – even hosting private performances during one such party!

Celebrities own many amazing homes, but these stand out as some of the most exquisite and impressive examples. If you’re in the mood for a vacation, take note of any of these houses; they might just inspire you to go big!

Skywalker Ranch

Luxury real estate investment is something many celebrities excel at, whether for permanent living space or vacation getaways. Celebrities may invest millions into these palatial abodes – often turning out some truly spectacular properties.

George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch is an impressive piece of property. Beginning construction of its 4,700-acre space in 1978 – one year after Star Wars was released – Lucas began gathering its 4,700 acres into one large parcel, eventually becoming its owner and developer. Although Lucas lives there in a traditional mansion on the property, it serves as more of a filmmaking retreat and studio with a 300-seat theater, lake Ewok, working farm vineyard organic gardens bee colonies olive tree grove, and much more!

The library features a glass ceiling and corkscrew staircase built by hand on-site – both features that will impress any guest who comes. Filled with rare books, it makes quite the statement in any home! Original models from Star Wars movies such as Luke Skywalker’s hero lightsaber or an AT-AT that dwarfs an adult are on display here as well.

Taylor Swift owns one of the finest celebrity homes on our list: an exquisite 1934 Georgian revival that was previously owned by legendary film producer Samuel Goldwyn and is listed at $25 million. Reportedly the largest privately-owned residence in Beverly Hills with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms as well as multiple living areas to accommodate guests, this home can accommodate guests comfortably.

No matter their price point, celebrity properties are truly incredible. What’s even more impressive is their use as both work and recreation spaces by celebrities who call them home; whether that means finding respite from public attention or creating their next big hit there – celebrity houses provide the ideal balance of luxury and comfort.

Pardee suggests that the most sought-after celebrity homes are those that feature creative spaces. She points out that many celebrities travel the world, incorporating elements from their journeys into their own living arrangements. Furthermore, most celebrities prefer modern homes with plenty of room and features such as swimming pools, basketball courts, and 15-car garages – which has proven popular with these celebrities.

George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra

An eighteenth-century Italian villa combines classical and contemporary elements into its design and has become the vacation hideaway of George and Amal Clooney since 2001, drawing numerous A-list celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Catherine Zeta-Jones – as well as parts of Ocean’s 12 which was shot there.

The Clooney’s home offers plenty of amenities that make it a haven. Amenities like a gym, home theater, and tennis courts make life comfortable for them, while an 80-foot waterslide leads to a custom-built grotto featuring a bar. In their master bedroom, they can find four poster beds with sitting areas featuring sofas as well as large bathrooms complete with tubs – truly making this home a paradise for them both.

Villa Oleandra estate boasts gorgeous gardens and trees and offers plenty more amenities, including its private marina with a floating platform able to house seven boats as well as a swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna facilities.

George and Amal have two identical twin daughters, Ella and Alexander, whom they spend a lot of time with at their villa. Additionally, they own both an English mansion and a French winery – as well as being well known for their generous giving efforts around the globe and for helping victims of natural disasters.

Clooney has all but disproved rumors that he plans on selling his villa anytime soon, making it clear he intends to keep the home for now and into the foreseeable future. Back in 2010, the ER actor stated how buying his new residence had changed his life in “an extremely pleasant and unexpected manner,” making them happy residents of Laglio, Italy where it houses 25 rooms, a vegetable garden, a home cinema room, gym area and garage that houses his vintage motorcycle collection – so much so they became honorary citizens of their local town and region!