Take a Tour of Khloé Kardashian’s $17Million Hidden Hills Mansion

Ever wondered how the famous Kardashians roll in their lavish lifestyle? Well, buckle up because we’re taking you on an exclusive tour of Khloé Kardashian’s latest real estate – a stunning $17 million mansion tucked away in the glamorous Hidden Hills of California!

Khloé, the youngest of the Kardashian trio, has been living a life of fame, success, and a bit of controversy ever since their reality show days. And her real estate game is even stronger!

This fabulous residence, crafted to perfection according to Khloé’s own specs, is making waves for its secrecy, grandeur, and the epitome of luxury living. Inside Khloé’s mind-blowing luxury house, you’ll find top-notch features like a gourmet pantry, a private movie theater, and a deluxe gym that will make your jaw drop. The mansion also has a garage big enough to house eight of her fabulous vehicles.

See the photos of Khloé Kardashian’s remarkable $17 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California below. Spoiler alert: It’s fancier than your wildest dreams!

A luxury family home

After settling a contractor showdown, Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner’s Hidden Hills mansion was finally ready in 2021. This celeb haven boasts a whopping 10,000 square feet of pure luxury living.

The mega-mansion has 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a home theater, a massive pool, and a spa center – all under one roof! And the outside is just as glam, with a tree-lined entrance that’ll leave you in awe. The backyard is like a VIP relaxation zone with outdoor lounges, concrete pathways, fountains, and a variety of other features and amenities. Keep reading to see the fabulous interiors.

The Main House

In a recent episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ Khloé proudly flaunted her completed mansion after checking out Kris Jenner’s new interior design in the previous one. And let me tell you, it’s like perfection on steroids – everywhere you look, flawless and neutral vibes. The one in the picture is one of the many living/dining spaces, decked out with marble countertops, white chairs, and a carpet that’s the perfect shade of grey.

It’s like Khloé said, ‘Move over, Kris, I got this!’ The furniture is so spot-on, you’d think it’s auditioning for its own reality show.

Cloud Sofa Paradise

Welcome to the coziest living room ever, starring Khloé’s iconic cloud sofa. Fluffy carpets and plush cushions, plus a pop of purple glittering lights – we’ve got ourselves an ambiance party! It’s like a celebrity hangout spot, perfect for rubbing elbows with friends or those A-list neighbors. Jeffree Star, Lori Loughlin, and Mossimo Giannulli might live nearby, but let’s be real – the Kardashian crew outnumbers them all! Who needs a neighborhood watch when you’ve got the Kardashian squad keeping things lively?

The Bedroom

The bedroom is rocking the same purple glittering lights, keeping the decor game strong and consistent with the overall vibe. Who wouldn’t want their sleep space to be as glamorous as a Hollywood premiere?

Massive Pantry

Our super-organized sis here just solidified her clean and tidy reputation by giving us a sneak peek into the pantry designed by The Home Edit. This walk-in pantry is like a food museum – neat rows of stored goodies, spices on rotating trays, and baking supplies reaching from floor to ceiling. It’s like a masterpiece of neatly labeled boxes, trays, and jars, all illuminated with fancy shelf lighting. This definitely took some serious time and effort!!

Walk-in Closet

Step into the super neat walk-in closet, and you’ll find a fashion treasure trove! The walls of both rooms are like a fancy art gallery, flaunting luxury shoes, boots, and handbags that could easily steal the show on the runway. Plus, right in the middle, there’s a snazzy marble island, neatly packed (in a super tidy way) with all kinds of stylish accessories.

Dreamy Backyard

As if a massive pool and garden weren’t enough, Khloé spills the tea on her backyard glow-up – a gorgeous, long arching pathway leading to a shaded patio area and a pergola covered in roses. There’s plenty of wide-open space and a big garden on the other side, perfect for True and her cousins to run wild.

Luxurious Pool and Spa

It’s Khloé’s mega-luxe pool and spa popping in the photo background. Khloé and her sisters are like backyard sunbathing pros – they practically run a photo studio back there. It’s all about catching those rays and striking a pose.

Khloé’s Gym Goals

Khloé doesn’t hold back when it comes to flaunting her workout routine. She went all out, dropping some serious cash to create her home gym – it’s got more equipment than some pro places! There’s enough workout gear in there to serve the entire Calabasas community.

Huge Kitchen

In this reality TV star’s colossal kitchen, Khloé’s daughter, True, and her cousin, Dream Kardashian, turn the space into their own dance floor. The kitchen spotlight features Koko’s lengthy central island, a duo of ovens, an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets for all storage needs, and a charming dining nook for four, complete with a white table and comfy chairs.