Superb Tray Ceiling Designs For Your Living Spaces

Tray ceilings make a wonderful addition to any home, adding character with their recessed design and lighting fixtures that highlight their lower portion. Molding and other decorations often adorn them as well.

Paint can add visual interest and depth to a tray ceiling in many different ways, including darkening sections with different hues to make a room seem taller.

Color Blocking

Tray ceilings make a wonderful addition to any room, providing depth to an otherwise cavernous room and offering a fantastic opportunity for color blocking! Color blocking involves using solid colors with strong contrast to make an eye-catching statement in the home; one way this trend can be utilized on ceilings.

Add a pop of color to the ceiling for an eye-catching statement and focal point in any room! Use paint or wallpaper, matching it to the colors on your walls for an integrated look, or use stencils for intricate patterns to make an eye-catching focal point that will draw in guests who enter.

Color-blocking ceilings can also add visual interest by helping define spaces within a room. For instance, using an eye-catching pattern could create a reading nook for children’s bedrooms or highlight an artwork display.

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Home designers often neglect the importance of the ceiling when considering home design. Most often, people only consider crown molding and striking light fixtures when it comes to accentuating this important room feature; however, there are additional creative ceiling options that can add depth to living spaces – tray ceilings being one such choice that makes an architectural statement and creates a sense of space within any given room – they’re easy to maintain as well as compatible with various interior styles!

One of the best ways to enhance a tray ceiling is with lighting. Installing LED bands along its edges will draw attention to this area while brightening it at night – and providing an impressive lighting scheme without breaking the bank! You could even choose different color schemes depending on what time of day it is!

An easy way to upgrade a tray ceiling is by adding texture with wood planks or paneling on it. Wood will give the room a traditional aesthetic when illuminated by pendant lights and pendant lights themselves will provide stunning illumination of this style of ceiling. Go for something rich with stained edges or keep things light by painting it white or off-white for the best effect.

Providing you have the budget, painting your tray ceiling a color completely distinct from its walls is a bold design statement that will immediately draw the eye of anyone entering your living space. Dark hues create drama while lighter tones offer comfort in kitchens or bedrooms.


Herringbone patterns provide an interesting twist for tray ceilings. Their elegant texture adds tailored sophistication without seeming overdone or tacky; plus they add geometric style that complements other design features and furniture pieces within your room.

A herringbone pattern adds dimension and style to a modern circular tray ceiling, drawing the eye upward while keeping this stylish bedroom feeling airy and open. To achieve a traditional herringbone ceiling look, paint the center section a neutral color while using bolder hues for framing it; for an updated version line the tray’s edges with rail lighting to emphasize geometric angles.

Add warmth to your tray ceiling with wood. Install molding or leave it unfinished – its organic tone gives your home a cozy ambiance. Additionally, try shiplap for more rustic charm or use textured panels for a farmhouse-esque effect.

Painting a vaulted or coffered ceiling can add architectural charm to your home, providing another beautiful feature for any living space – especially your master suite. Choose a deep blue shade that fades into soft gray at its raised edge to create a striking focal point and set off by its depth and dimension.

Add an elegant and luxurious feel to your tray ceiling design by lining its raised edges with patterned wallpaper in geometric or damask patterns of contrasting colors, such as geometric or damask damasks, for an upscale touch. Geometric or damask patterns in bold hues will make an eye-catching design statement, drawing focus to its raised edge while not overshadowing any existing decor in your room. Be mindful, however, as bold patterned wallpaper may overwhelm small rooms.

Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper can add visual interest and depth to any room, inviting touch while breaking up monotonous painted flat surfaces. Plus, its versatility means you can find textures to evoke different feelings and aesthetics; brick, wood, and concrete wallpapers create rustic-refined warmth while modern geometric or patterned patterns bring modern chicness.

If you want to accent the raised portion of a tray ceiling without using paint, try an elegantly patterned wallpaper or mural in its recessed area for an eye-catching touch. Murals would work best in bedrooms and living spaces while bold patterns work just as well in dining rooms or kitchens – don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and styles until you find what suits your personal needs best!

Create an eye-catching effect and draw attention to detail with string lighting lining the edges of a tray ceiling by stringing lights along each ledge edge. This technique works particularly well in kitchen or living rooms, and any type of lighting you wish can help set the right atmosphere and set any desired mood.

Add an innovative look to any room with a double-tray ceiling. The upper recess can be decorated with bold patterns or scenic murals while the lower recess can be painted a complementary hue; you could also incorporate simple molding to divide both areas further and distinguish them.


Tray ceilings add depth and dimension to rooms, and can add character and value to your home. Before installing one in your own residence, however, be sure to consult both a structural engineer and the local building department in order to make sure that existing joists and trusses can support such an extra structure.

If you want your tray ceiling to truly pop, try giving it its own identity by painting it a different hue than the walls. This will draw people’s eyes directly towards it when entering the room; light hues may be perfect for kitchens and bedrooms while deeper colors make a bold statement when placed in living areas.

Use stencils to embellish your tray ceiling. For instance, if your tray ceiling has been painted in deep shades, stencil an emblem such as stars or clouds for an eye-catching focal point in the room. Or paint an overall theme throughout it all using murals!

Installing tin tile is another fantastic way to adorn a tray ceiling and add character and light to any room, especially if your home has an antique style. Tin tiles add depth and dimension while being lit. They can become stunning focal points that draw the eye.

Tray ceilings create a beautiful aesthetic and can make any room feel luxurious. Tray ceilings also serve as the ideal location for lighting installations – be it cove lighting or an extravagant chandelier – making your ceiling an excellent way to transform the appearance and value of your home.