Stylish Baby Rooms Even Adults Will Love

Few rooms require as much thoughtful styling as a nursery, from whimsical wall prints to ornate monogrammed frames – these designers created beautiful spaces for babies as well as their parents that they will both adore over time.

1. Little Crown Interiors

Little Crown Interiors was established by designer and artist Naomi Alon in 2008. Their design studio specializes exclusively in nurseries and children spaces after realizing this expertise was lacking among other firms. Alon creates rooms with beauty, functionality and safety at their center – each designed intentionally by them with special care taken to design intentional rooms with beautiful aesthetics as well as functionality and safety in mind.

This blush girl’s nursery features floral wallpaper and soft pink pillows. Using contemporary furniture allows this room to grow with their child as they do.

Little Crown Interiors’ Your Perfect Nursery guide provides a step-by-step plan for designing the safe, beautiful and functional nursery of your dreams. Co-owners Naomi Alon and Gerri Panebianco have successfully designed 100 exquisite nurseries, children’s rooms and playrooms for clients locally and nationally; their eye for style and delightful approach to curation set them apart as industry leaders.

2. Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Lagrange was instilled with an affinity for creativity and aesthetics by both of her artist parents, both artists. As such, Lagrange often seeks inspiration by immersing herself in various artistic mediums to develop an individual design perspective.

Functionality is at the core of all her designs, as she strives to ensure each space serves its intended use best. Her dedication and ability to seamlessly combine various design elements has earned her widespread acclaim from clients worldwide.

Jessica Lagrange Interiors utilized its full design talent on this luxurious Lincoln Park high-rise apartment project, using tailored furnishings, luxurious textiles and glittering finishes to soften its stark architecture and create an elegant yet homely space for the family living here. As a result, this project boasts an elegant yet cohesive design which captures their taste for traditional styles perfectly.

3. Amy Peltier

Amy Peltier provides family-friendly residential interiors with her distinctive design perspective in both Pasadena and Northern Virginia. Known for blending preppy style with California casual flair, Amy specializes in bringing timeless interiors that combine classic with modern elements for maximum family enjoyment.

This baby room features an exquisite Scandinavian mountain mural and neutral color scheme to foster growth over time. A patterned rug adds visual interest while a Moroccan leather pouf adds comfort and functionality.

Claire Staszak of Centered by Design created this nursery that blends timeless furniture and neutral colors for a sophisticated nursery feel. Black floral wallpaper and a framed ballerina piece above the crib add touches of personality, while striped ceiling paint treatments help define the space without overwhelming it.

4. Sissy + Marley Interior Design

Sissy + Marley Interior Design’s team led by Chelsea Reale and Diana Rice entirely rethought modern lifestyle in this chic New York City apartment for their young client. Utilizing a limited palette that amplified beauty while simultaneously creating a relaxing environment where family could play and unwind together, Sissy + Marley was able to transform this space for optimal use by family life.

Pale beige textiles and wood accents from Brophy Interiors add warmth to this modern living room, creating an approachable neutral palette with less starkness than pure white interiors.

For a vibrant boy’s nursery, this design team used Sissy + Marley Baby Elephant Walk Wallpaper on an Oeuf Sparrow Crib with an Oeuf Mini Library featuring Serena & Lily Pandan Bins to frame stacked acrylic book ledges above an Eames Molded Plastic kid’s chair on a gray medallion rug.

5. Curated Nest Interiors

Wallpaper can add vibrant hues, patterns and textures to a baby room; however, an easier and cost-effective solution exists: painting nursery walls using sponge techniques such as JLA Designs has allowed even novice decorators to achieve similar effects with stunning results.

Multifunctional furniture is key to creating a timeless nursery that can grow with its child. Designer Marie Flanigan included a daybed in this nursery that serves as a cozy spot for late-night feedings but will later transform into an adult bed with trundle for sleepovers when the time is right.

Staging a gallery of colorful wall art is an easy way to bring life and personality to an otherwise dull nursery. Chango & Co’s number and color prints add an educational element, making this baby girl nursery especially playful!

6. Emily Henderson Design

Emily Henderson is an HGTV Design Star winner and lifestyle blogger who embraces an eye-catching eclectic style, playing with vibrant hues in this nursery space. Combining soft pinks and grays with an alluring birch forest wallpaper pattern to create an idyllic retreat for her baby girl.

Chango & Co used a gallery wall of miniature kids’ art with matching white frames to add visual interest and visual depth in this simple nursery. A feathered juju hat hangs above the crib while two fluffy mother-and-daughter stuffed animals complete this look.

Leclair Decor’s playful wallpaper with an organic theme creates an engaging nursery room for baby boys, while soft textures such as curvy pink poufs and 3D bird art add charm. A repurposed closet saves both parents time and money while simultaneously keeping the room looking modern for future guests.

7. A Beautiful Mess

No matter your artistic ability or perceived lack thereof, a nursery wall mural is an effective way to bring color into any room – unlike painted murals which cannot be changed easily as your child matures. Peel-and-stick wallpaper allows for greater versatility when changing up their room’s aesthetic as they do so easily with time.

For an updated modern aesthetic, incorporate metallic accent pieces such as furniture legs, curtain rods and light fixtures with metallics like brass or gold to give your space an eye-catching modern edge. Don’t forget about storage space for all those wipes, creams, toys and clothes you have; an organized and tidy set-up will keep your space looking polished; this is especially crucial when changing a baby! Luckily there are stylish diaper bags and organizers on the market which you can choose from!

8. Leanne Ford Interiors

Leanne Ford first gained national renown when she restored and designed a 1907 schoolhouse-turned-home in her hometown, drawing national media attention for it. Since then, stylist-turned-interior designer Leanne Ford has become known for her distinctive “white on white” aesthetic seen in magazines like Country Living, GQ, Lonny, Martha Stewart. Since then she has expanded this to older Pittsburgh area homes through HGTV series Restored by the Fords and Home Again with the Fords.

Leanne recommends selecting gender-neutral nursery decor using colors with an infusion of warmth. On the walls she used a soft and soothing muted pink called Peach Sachet while she painted the ceiling in an earthy shade called Pink Sea Salt (via HGTV).

Her design included layers of rugs to anchor furniture and add texture, as well as personal touches like Ever’s crib with family photos behind it and Jack’s disco ball (courtesy HGTV) that made the room seem personalized and unique.

9. Marie Flanigan Interiors

Marie Flanigan Interiors is a nationally acclaimed design firm that creates beautiful homes with soul. Their approachable elegance reflects each client’s individual story, merging poetry with purpose.

Marie Flanigan is a classically trained architect whose holistic approach to timeless interior design informed by its architecture reveals a deeper level of depth and beauty, producing an aesthetic that is both accessible and sophisticated.