Simple Storage Hacks That’ll Keep Any Kitchen Organized

Struggling with mess, disorganization, or just an overload of things that won’t stay put? We get it. That’s why we’ve gathered the ultimate storage hacks for those in desperate need of a refresh. Explore these top kitchen organization tricks, perfect for those sharing space with roommates, partners, or a bunch of kids. You’re bound to discover tips that’ll significantly ease your home life.


Let’s tackle the common woe of tight kitchen storage space, especially for pots and pans. In small apartments, cupboard space is a precious commodity, and fitting all your kitchenware can be a real challenge. However, we have a simple and elegant solution that can double your storage space by eliminating the need for storing pot lids.

This ingenious hack only requires standard clothing hangers with an adhesive back. Once you’ve got them, stick them inside your cupboard. Make sure to measure the pot lids’ size and arrange the hangers accordingly for a perfectly organized kitchen. With this trick, you’ll enjoy a kitchen that’s not only clutter-free but also maximizes your available space.

Bottles and Lots of Them

Tired of Household Clutter? Dealing with household clutter can be a never-ending battle, with bits and bobs, snacks, and essentials scattered everywhere. But fear not, we’ve got a solution that can tackle clutter and make your life easier.

All you need are some plastic bottles in various sizes – it’s a perfect way to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Cut holes into the bottles and hang them up. This simple DIY storage solution allows you to place all your miscellaneous items at eye level, reducing clutter by about 50 percent. No more frantic searches for essentials as you leave the house – everything is easily reachable and well-organized.

Declutter Your Meals

Love your fruits and veggies but hate the chaos they bring to your kitchen? Potatoes, zucchinis, carrots, onions, pumpkins – they’re delicious but tricky to store. The solution? Head to the office supply section!

Grab a few organizers originally intended for papers and binders. These spacious organizers are perfect for holding all your produce with room to spare. Whether you prefer organized sections or a colorful jumble of tastes, these organizers keep the mess contained. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos – keep your fruits and veggies in check with this simple and effective hack!

Hide The Onions

Here’s an alternative to our previous produce trick for those who prefer to keep their clutter out of sight. If you have deep and wide drawers in your kitchen or pantry, grab a few cut crates that fit perfectly.

Sort all your products into these crates and slide them into the drawer. Voila! This simple trick not only clears up your kitchen but also keeps all your essentials within easy reach. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and hello to relaxed and calm dinner-making sessions!

Snack Rations

Ever felt tempted but hesitant to keep a massive box of snacks? Let’s make it both practical and visually appealing. Grab a simple plastic cylinder and transform it into your snacking savior!

Attach cardboard strips (repurposed from deconstructed cereal boxes) to create neat compartments. Pour in your favorite snacks, and voila! You’ve got a container with perfectly rationed treats. Snack time just got a whole lot more organized and delightful!

Spices Galore

Tired of spices crowding your cupboards, especially when they’re running low? Well, if you have some old mint boxes lying around, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Just grab those mint boxes, add a cute label, and transfer all your spices into these compact, little containers. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to easy spicing for all your delicious dishes!

Lego Holder

Ever accidentally stepped on a Lego in the dark or struggled to find your spoons and ladles right when you’re craving soup?

Well, here’s a nifty solution – build a solid Lego structure to neatly store all those long spoons and kitchen tools. It’s like solving two problems with one creative idea! Who would’ve thought Legos could come in so handy?

Fridge Organization

Managing a fridge with everyone’s specific foods can be a bit tricky. But here’s a hack for you – use the empty space on the fridge door and attach Tupperware with velcro.

It not only opens up more space but also cuts down on the need for plastic wrap. Plus, you can score extra points by labeling each container for each person’s snacks.

Cutlery Out in the Open

Running out of space in your kitchen drawers for cutlery? No worries! Let your cutlery enjoy the open air in your kitchen, so you never have to fumble through drawers again. Say goodbye to knives jamming during dinner rushes! Get your kids or bored roommates involved – have them paint a few flower pots and label them accordingly.

Organize your cutlery in a neat line by the sink or plates. It not only creates an Instagram-worthy kitchen but also adds a touch of peace of mind to your daily routine.

Condiment Carriers

Tired of the chaos caused by condiment bottles taking up too much space in your fridge? Try this clever hack!

Upcycle your old snack containers, like a cookie or cupcake container, to neatly organize all your favorite toppings. It’s not just about tidying up; it’s a win-win-win situation. You get a more organized fridge, contribute to upcycling, and say goodbye to sticky ketchup residue on your fridge surfaces.