Shiplap Wall Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Shiplap walls are an increasingly popular design element that adds both texture and visual interest to any space. From modern homes to traditional spaces, this trend offers numerous ways to add interest.

Shiplap looks stunning in different hues as well, such as pale pink walls from The Duvall Homestead that exude romanticism and forest green walls from Meg Del Design that boast dramatic flair.

1. Living Room

Since living rooms typically boast the most decorative accents in a home, they make for the ideal setting to test shiplap wall ideas. You can paint your shiplap boards any color to complement existing decor and style elements or to create something entirely new in your space. White walls tend to be popular when it comes to shiplap installations; however, you could add blue, green, or gray hues for an eye-catching touch of color!

How can you add character and interest to your living space with shiplap? As Shegaveitago shows, shiplap can add dimension and texture while creating a rustic aesthetic. Plus, its neutral hue makes styling this area easy!

Your living space in your home should be designed for socializing, relaxing, or hosting guests – it should provide enough seating for everyone, with enough surface area such as coffee tables or sideboards for drinks and snacks to be stored on. Incorporating statement pieces like an eye-catching chandelier or fireplace mantel may add even more sophistication to the room.

If you want to add a shiplap without making it too busy in your living space, try using half walls. As seen in this DIY Playbook project, half-wall solutions work particularly well in smaller spaces where full shiplap walls might become overwhelming. The white bottom half draws attention upward and creates a cozy, welcoming ambiance in this space.

Metrie shows another effective way of using shiplap walls in living spaces: hiding them behind shelving. This strategy, as shown by Metrie in this project, creates depth while still giving access to belongings. By opting for neutral white shiplap color options like this project from Metrie, all of your accessories and books will stand out against its backdrop.

2. Dining Room

For an elegant combination of modern rustic and farmhouse styles, use shiplap as an accent wall in your dining room. It pairs beautifully with contemporary furniture and decor pieces for a comfortable dining space, creating the ideal cozy environment. Add pops of color with paint for a dramatic display or select more neutral tones to coordinate with other design elements; it serves as an effective focal point wall that draws the eye toward seating areas or fireplaces.

The dining room is where people gather to share meals and spend time together, so making it feel welcoming and comfortable is of utmost importance. To achieve this, use shiplap wall living room ideas like adding gallery walls of artwork or floating shelves for display items like books and decorative items to give this space its own personal and distinctive vibe – perfect for family dinner parties or intimate dinner parties.

Shiplap adds contrast and texture to a dining room by creating a charming, airy dining space when used as a backsplash behind the sink or stove, pairing well with light-colored cabinetry and hardwood floors to create an eye-catching dining room that is sure to please your guests.

Installing a shiplap on the ceiling of a dining room can create an eye-catching focal point while making for a cohesive design with the rest of the room. This works particularly well in rooms with vaulted or cathedral ceilings and visually extends outward, giving an impression that is larger in scope.

Natural wood shiplap can add rustic charm and warmth to a cabin or mountain retreat, complementing other design elements in the space like wooden furnishings and natural textures like rattan and jute. Paint it dark slate blue for an eye-catching coastal aesthetic or keep it natural for more traditional appeal.

If you’re curious about adding shiplap to your home but are hesitant to commit to an entire wall installation project, try adding just a small section in an entryway or mudroom as a test run – this is an effective way of testing how you like the material and learning the installation process before tackling a bigger space.

3. Bedroom

If you love the look of shiplap but are not quite ready to commit it all over your bedroom walls, try adding small sections as accent pieces. Dawson Design Group created an inviting space using white shiplap as an elegant background for their bed which easily complements neutral bedding and wooden decor accessories. For something with more of a rustic vibe opt for a natural wood-toned shiplap which will warm up the room by pairing well with woven furniture or natural textures like leather.

An unexpected look for any bathroom can be the addition of a shiplap accent wall, such as this modern farmhouse bathroom from Chelsee Hood featuring planks to add texture and visual interest. Choose either white for a classic aesthetic, or go bolder by painting one sultry slate blue like her!

Shiplap makes an elegant choice as a unique stairway wall idea, adding style and character without overwhelming an otherwise plain stairway with unnecessary decor elements. Blogger Amy of Just a Little Bit of Whimsy used reclaimed wooden boards adhered to both ceiling and stairs in her home to achieve this charming effect.

As seen here in The Lived In Look’s bedroom, horizontal shiplap installation is usually the easiest and most common method. This style works in almost every room of your house. But for an eye-catching touch that is sure to turn heads, try mounting a vertical shiplap. It creates an unexpected look sure to spark conversations!

Add an unexpected flair to traditional shiplap by using it as an accent behind shelving in your lounge or bedroom. This will draw attention to books and ornaments on display while still creating an eye-catching backdrop. If shelves are unavailable for mounting shiplap, other alternatives such as hiding it within built-in nooks or even on walls might work, as demonstrated here by Hoosier Homemade. To reduce costs further use plywood sheets instead of more costly reclaimed timber when doing this project.

4. Entryway

If you want your entryway to make an impression when guests enter your home, a shiplap feature wall is an ideal solution. Not only can this versatile wall treatment serve as the backdrop for decorative accents and artwork you love – but it also adds texture. To give your space an eye-catching flair, consider diagonal shiplap panels or add this pattern elsewhere in your entryway space.

Add a white shiplap wall to your entryway for an inviting atmosphere and show off all of your entryway decor, such as these hooks and welcome signs from Liz Marie Blog. Also, consider providing guests with a wood bench so they can take off their shoes easily.

Use a shiplap wall instead of traditional mirrors in your entryway to give the illusion of more openness while providing an ideal surface for hanging clothing or jewelry. To truly add character, install a piece of art on its wall – this can instantly change its atmosphere!

Shiplap accent walls can help bring coziness into a large space such as this great room by unifying its design with its cozier feel. They make an especially strong statement when featured as focal walls – such as this example from Coastal Cottage where the vibrant pillows and furniture combine beautifully with its neutral tone to form a cohesive design sure to amaze guests!

One way to add personality and functionality to your entryway is with a white shiplap wall fitted with built-in shelves. This creates a seamless look while giving you plenty of storage options, including throw blankets, vases, picture frames, and other mementos. For even greater harmony in the room, consider painting the shelving to match its surroundings – it might even help prevent it from looking out of place!