How To Steal Dita Von Teese’s Gothic Maximalist Home Style

Renowned for her distinctive style and alluring charm, Dita Von Teese, the burlesque performer, model, and entrepreneur, has created a captivating ambiance in her eclectic home that seamlessly combines gothic and opulent elements. The 3,200-square-foot Tudor Revival residence is adorned with meticulous details, daring accents, and lavish golden embellishments, perfectly reflecting the persona of the Queen of Burlesque. Drawing inspiration from iconic figures in cinema and burlesque history, Von Teese’s dwelling is a vibrant showcase of vivid colors and an impressive assortment of collections, featuring rare burlesque memorabilia, an extensive shoe collection, and an abundance of vintage treasures.

In her exclusive home tour with Architectural Digest, Von Teese delves into her affinity for maximalism, her passion for vintage aesthetics, and her enduring love for vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and rich textures. To infuse a similar sense of luxury and eclecticism into your own living space, consider embracing a few key principles and incorporating elements that resonate with your style.

Expect the unexpected

Dita Von Teese’s enchanting California residence is characterized by a prevailing theme of embracing unexpected details, featuring a remarkable array of vintage taxidermy and walls adorned with luxurious velvets, satins, and feathers. The foyer showcases regal swans and a majestic peacock, while the living room boasts a tiger adorned with a tiara. Each corner of the home unveils a new visual delight, from a collection of feathers once used by burlesque performers to an artful arrangement of vintage men’s magazines. Rather than the typical California tropical oasis, the pool house surprises with an intimate English pub, aligning with the Tudor style of the home.

To infuse a similar element of surprise into your own living space, consider incorporating unexpected touches in the form of artwork and accents. Introduce an animal theme, whether real or vegan, to evoke a glamorous and opulent atmosphere reminiscent of high Victorian gothic, especially when paired with sumptuous fabrics like velvet and satin. Seek out unconventional additions such as vintage tiaras, eccentric barware, or slightly provocative artwork. According to Von Teese, antique stores, thrift shops, and estate sales are valuable sources for discovering the unique elements that can elevate your home decor (via Collector’s Weekly).

Show off your collections

In her exclusive tour with Architectural Digest, Dita Von Teese unveils various personal collections that grace her home, showcasing an extensive closet filled with a diverse array of shoes, frames adorned with vintage brooches, and a meticulously curated assortment of artwork and books. Noteworthy among her collections are vintage taxidermy pieces and memorabilia from iconic performers such as Mae West, Betty Grable, and Natalie Wood’s portrayal of Gypsy Rose Lee in “Gypsy.”

Encouraging homeowners to proudly display their own collections, Von Teese suggests integrating them throughout the home for a subtle vignette effect or creating a dedicated space to accentuate their impressive presence. Consider giving cherished items that are typically tucked away a chance to shine, whether it’s showcasing beautiful shoes, stylish dishware, or a well-loved book collection. Your collections serve as a unique expression of your personality and interests, enriching the experience for guests in your home. Even in more minimalist settings, strategic and rotating displays can cater to those who prefer a less cluttered aesthetic.

Mix new and old

Dita Von Teese, having embarked on vintage clothing collecting at an early stage, reflects her profound passion for vintage not only in her distinctive style but also in the way she adorns her home. Her residence boasts rare vintage furniture pieces, such as a bar, settee, and a 1930s mirrored vanity, seamlessly combined with reproductions of antique styles. Noteworthy examples include a sofa inspired by French furniture and a headboard modeled after one owned by Mae West.

For those facing challenges in finding the right antique or vintage décor due to scarcity or cost, Von Teese suggests considering reproductions and duplicates. These alternatives can still exude a historic ambiance at a more affordable price point. While custom-made furniture might not fit everyone’s budget, ready-made and highly accurate reproductions are often available for various items. According to Laurel Crown Handcrafted Furniture, for those with a more generous budget, custom-made reproductions can capture the unique history and glamour of an antique piece, even in the absence of its actual historical background.

Layer color, pattern, and texture

Dita Von Teese reveals to Architectural Digest that the initial white walls of her home were a deficiency she felt compelled to remedy by introducing a vibrant transformation with painted walls, added wallpaper, and luxurious drapery in a spectrum of her favorite colors. The rooms in Von Teese’s home achieve a sumptuous, layered effect, incorporating a harmonious blend of color, texture, and pattern that aligns with her maximalist aesthetics. The furniture, comprising opulent velvet, intricately carved wood pieces, and gilded accents, has turned the once blank canvas into a colorful swirl of visual sensations.

For those who share a passion for color, consider ways to infuse layered richness into your own space. If neutrals are your preference, compensate for the absence of bright colors by incorporating texture and pattern. In Von Teese’s minimalist bedroom, she adeptly mixes textures like satin, mother-of-pearl, acrylic, chrome, and glass to create a diverse visual and tactile experience. Alternatively, if you revel in vibrant hues, feel free to use them generously, even experimenting with layering different shades of your favorite colors, as exemplified in Von Teese’s pink and red luxurious woman cave/library.

Make it personal

Dita Von Teese’s home stands out as a distinct and unique reflection of her identity as both a person and a performer. In stark contrast to the standardized perfection of some residences, this magnificent Tudor Revival is unmistakably the domain of the Queen of Burlesque. The stairway proudly displays her own modeling and performance photos alongside memorabilia from her burlesque endeavors. A balcony overlooks a garden adorned with vibrant red geraniums, reminiscent of her childhood in Michigan. Every element within the home tells a story of her personal history and preferences.

Rather than settling for a generic pre-fabricated design, consider ways to infuse your home with a distinct sense of self. Achieve this through curated collections, unique artwork, or even the use of scents and colors. Unearth hidden family heirlooms and put them on display, incorporating items that hold personal significance—whether it’s a rock or shell from a memorable beach vacation, a framed pressed flower from an old friend, a cherished childhood item, or a scented candle that evokes a particular memory. As suggested by Ephemera Corner, even family photos and pieces of ephemera can serve as excellent décor when thoughtfully and attractively displayed.