Designer Secrets to Make Your House Look Expensive

An expensive-looking home doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg; our interior designers share their secrets for creating this look at an affordable cost. From decorating with flowers to displaying an art collection, they share how you can transform your space without breaking the bank.

Gone are the days of matching suites of furniture as an indicator of great interior design; instead, mixing antiques with newer pieces creates a more intriguing and tailored atmosphere.

1. Don’t Overdo It

No matter if it’s for hosting guests or upping your resale value, making an impressive first impression is paramount. One way to do this is by making sure your home is beautiful yet well-kept.

Maintaining a home that stands out can create curb appeal and add luxury for you and your family. Furthermore, these steps may also increase its perceived value and create more luxurious living arrangements for all involved.

Repainting is another cost-effective design solution, offering instantaneous transformation without breaking the bank. Finally, use decorative accessories to give the impression of an expensive room; from marble trays on coffee tables to gold candle snuffers – these details make an ordinary home into an extraordinary one!

Additionally, it’s crucial that your space flows seamlessly; placing seating in a circular arrangement can make guests more at ease while closer seating will create more opportunities for interaction and dialogue, creating an intimate ambiance.

2. Keep It Simple

As design becomes ever more prevalent in our lives, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and forget what constitutes good design – particularly with regard to home designs. Therefore, it is crucial that we keep in mind designer secrets to help our homes look more expensive rather than chaotically designed.

Take the time to hang curtains correctly for an instantly luxurious effect that’s quick and simple – one of the oldest, timeless interior design secrets that make a huge impactful difference, particularly in rooms with low ceilings. In addition to making the room appear more tailored, hanging curtains also make it feel more intimate and private.

Include natural elements in the design of your house to give the impression of luxury. From lush plants in the entranceway to fragrant herb gardens outside, taking time to include these features can really set it apart and make it feel more inviting for visitors and friends who might stop by.

Add luxurious materials like marble trays on coffee tables or gold candle snuffers into your design scheme for an instantaneous boost of luxuriousness that makes any room appear more lavish.

Repainting is another cost-effective and simple way to make your house appear more expensive, instantly giving it more luxe appeal and drastically changing its appearance and atmosphere. Furthermore, painting requires only minimal prep work before starting, thus offering an economical yet transformative solution that quickly alters its aesthetics and atmosphere.

3. Go Oversize

Although it might be tempting to create an eye-catching gallery wall, limiting its variety in terms of styles, colors, and shapes will help your room appear more expensive. Instead, focus on selecting pieces from one family and arranging them all at once in a geometric layout for added cohesion. Other ways of adding high-end touches include decanting hand soap into beautiful glass dispensers placing Q-tips into an apothecary jar, or opting for an elegant toilet brush.

4. Go With Your Mood

Repainting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective interior design tricks. From bold to subtle colors, new paint can bring life and create the appearance of an expensive room. But be careful in choosing colors that complement your overall space’s atmosphere; otherwise, it might look too heavy or casual.

Adding new window treatments can give your home an instant facelift with minimal expense. From curtains with intricate weaves and embroidery details to silky-smooth fabrics that add luxurious appeal – window treatments are a simple yet effective way to transform it.

Avoid neglecting the final touches in a home, such as door handles, drawer pulls, and light switches. Swapping out those old items for stylish ones can instantly elevate a room’s design – whether that means using an attractive soap dispenser, placing cotton swabs in an elegant glass container, or simply displaying your scented candles in an eye-catching display box can all add designer touches that add designer flare!

Artworks that add a decorative or statement piece can also have a huge effect on a room’s aesthetic. While you might not be able to afford an original by an established artist, framed prints and posters that speak to you can create the same effect. Also, consider grouping them together symmetrically rather than in rows – the effect will be amplified.

An attractive garden and landscape is an effective way to give the impression of living in an elegant residence. Consider adding tall plants that rustle in the wind near entrances, installing a fountain with melodious tunes, or placing potted flowers near seating areas to bring luxury into your space.

5. Keep It Fresh

There has been a recent trend that draws inspiration from hotel living and decor; however, to ensure your space feels authentic to yourself it is always wiser to play around with combining colors, patterns, and textures that create your personal aesthetic.

Add luxury touches without breaking the bank when accessorizing your home with items that add an opulent look with pieces that glam up the place, like marble trays on coffee tables and gold candle snuffers – they instantly make any house seem more expensive!

Repainting is another quick and inexpensive way to make your home appear more luxurious. A fresh coat in an eye-catching shade will instantly transform a room, giving it an updated and expensive feel.

Add elegance and create a high-end aesthetic in your home by choosing an eye-catching flower arrangement made up of different types of blooms – not just roses and tulips – for maximum impact and an exquisite aroma. Choose a mixture that features other types of blossoms as well as greenery such as eucalyptus stems for an eye-catching display that also smells delightful!

Make sure your house remains spotless at all times – any sign of disorganization will quickly turn away potential buyers, so maintaining an immaculate appearance is of the utmost importance. A tidy yard with well-kept lawn and walkways gives potential buyers confidence that the property has been properly cared for and appreciated.