Check out this cool modern cabin – its simple beauty might totally change your view on tiny wood houses!

modern cabin

With a log stack design on the exterior and exposed log beams in the interior, you’ll love the simple beauty of this cabin both inside and out. The wood house is constructed with natural wood siding and has a simple, yet elegant design with a slanted roof.

In front of the tiny wood house is a well-appointed patio area, complete with a cozy outdoor seating arrangement that includes three sofas around a fire pit. The setup is inviting, perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests. There’s also a dining area with a table and chairs, suggesting an enjoyable space for meals outdoors.

The surrounding area is landscaped with a variety of plants and shrubs, neatly contained within raised beds and bordered with decorative rocks or boulders. A charcoal grill stands ready for use, well-suited for outdoor cooking and barbecues.

It features plenty of modern touches for added comfort and convenience, such as a climate-controlled interior, modern appliances, and USB receptacles.

Now, let’s open the door and take a peek inside the cabin.