7 Easy Ways to Update Your Home Without Remodeling

Upgrading your home doesn’t need to involve an extensive remodel; making simple modifications can give it a fresh new feel and make you feel more luxurious than before.

Paint can bring life and sophistication to any space. Select neutral hues that work well with various accents and styles for optimal results.


Painting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your home without major renovation, with relatively minimal upkeep requirements that won’t wear away quickly.

Change is good – whether your taste has evolved since moving in or you simply tire of its color scheme, changing up the exterior paint colors is a quick and effective way to modernize the appearance of your house and give it an updated feel. Not only will it look more appealing for yourself and guests but can make your home more desirable should you decide to sell in the future.

Painting interior spaces with the appropriate colors can make rooms seem larger and brighter, reflecting natural light to make rooms appear bigger while creating cozy yet intimate atmospheres. Rearranging furniture in your home to open it up further.

The addition of new hardware can be an easy and affordable way to modernize your home. Simply replace all old doorknobs, cabinet knobs, and switch plates with stylish yet modern options throughout your house to achieve a cohesive and well-thought-out design.

Update Hardware

Small changes like switching out doorknobs and switch plates can transform your home without the time and expense of an extensive remodel. This design hack is especially effective in older houses with outdated hardware; for instance, Wood suggests replacing kitchen knobs with new ones is a surefire way to give the entire room an instant makeover with just a screwdriver! Not content to stop at just changing out kitchen knobs though? Try this approach in all rooms of your house for a cohesive look!

Your exterior can also be enhanced by adding molding to flat panel doors or painting it a different hue; just be sure to use a paint tester beforehand to verify whether or not any existing paint contains lead-based pigments which require special precautions or professional services to dispose of safely.

Kristen Schreiber notes that changing up the hardware on your light fixtures can dramatically transform the appearance of any room. She recommends selecting bulbs with high CRI scores that produce neutral white light more comparable to natural sunlight – this makes the space feel warmer and cozier while replacing current lights with floor lamps or chandeliers for an added effect.

Add an Accent Wall

Accent walls are a classic decor idea that can give your home a completely fresh new feel. An accent wall can stand out by being either of a different color or design than the rest of the room, creating a focal point and drawing attention away from furniture, appliances, and clutter.

An accent wall can be easily created using paint, wallpaper, or even by covering an entire wall in a unique material. Metallics, geometric patterns, and stripes all can add style and interest to your home, as can tone-on-tone color schemes with multiple saturation levels for a modern feel or bold paint shades for dramatic impact in your space.

Textured walls make an excellent way to add an accent wall in any room in your home, from wood wall paneling (which offers budget-friendly statements) or rustic pieces like reclaimed wood (for an authentic vintage vibe) all the way through brick (for urban charm).

If you want to give your bedroom an upgrade without undertaking an extensive remodel, try introducing an accent wall made of wood. It will help define the sleeping area while creating a focal point around your bed; making this ideal for apartments and multi-use rooms where clearly distinguishing living from sleeping space can be tricky.

Add a New Light Fixture

Modifying your lighting is a quick, simple, and impactful way to update your home. Old fixtures can make a room feel dim and outdated; replacing them with something modern with a high CRI score (Candlelight Intensity Index) rating will bring brightness into the living areas and modernize them instantly.

One easy way to revitalize the look and feel of your home is to change up its hardware in either your kitchen or bathroom, including cabinet knobs and pulls, door handles, and light switch plates. Experiment with different finishes such as modern brass or matte black for an elevated aesthetic; using one type throughout will also ensure a cohesive and well-designed aesthetic.

Add plants to your home for an open and welcoming vibe and improved air quality, not to mention an improved aesthetic! Consider hanging plants from shelves or coffee tables; placing them on shelves; moving around furniture pieces for an added pop; or even following modern houseplant trends such as geometric shapes or vibrant hues!

Replace Your Window Treatments

Window treatments can give your home an instant makeover, and this DIY project can have a substantial effect. From drapery styles to wide horizontal wood blinds with contemporary, stylish designs, this is an effortless way to freshen up any room in the house.

Old, faded, or mismatched window treatments can take away from your home’s overall style and can really drag down its overall aesthetic. According to Livingetc blog reports, curtains have recently experienced an upswing with minimalist patterns and handcrafted details making a comeback; roller shades also remain fashionable with options in terms of colors, textures, and materials that match every decor theme.

If your window treatments do not provide sufficient privacy, passersby could see into your home without your knowledge – particularly during the summer when people spend more time outside looking into neighboring houses. By updating them to provide better privacy while still taking advantage of natural lighting in your home.

Before installing new windows, be sure to clear away all furniture and decorations surrounding them, to prevent items from falling down onto them and being damaged during installation. Doing this ensures a successful experience!

Update Your Doors & Trim

Doors and trim are one of the first things you notice when entering any home, and outdated ones can reveal their age and create an outdated atmosphere. Upgrading them is an easy and cost-effective way to update and modernize the aesthetics of any residence.

New door knobs, deadbolts, and handles are an affordable solution that can make a dramatic statement in any room. Don’t forget to paint your doors – a bold color like black can make an unforgettable statement, while more subdued shades that complement room plants add depth and depth!

Hollow core doors can be enhanced by adding decorative glass. Check out this DIY from Remodelaholic for some ideas!

Add crown molding around your doors and windows for another great trim upgrade – adding crown molding can give the impression of more expensive decor without spending lots of money or time installing it yourself! Check out The Spruce’s guide on updating existing casing with quick, cost-effective DIYs to make crown molding installation an achievable goal!

Turn Your Formal Dining Room Into a Reading Nook

If you enjoy reading or simply need a cozy place to focus, converting your formal dining room into a reading nook can create the ideal place for both. Choose a comfortable armchair, add some inspiring artwork or quotes, and line the walls with books for an inviting reading nook that allows your imagination to run free!

Transforming your formal dining room into a home library is another effective way of creating a multifunctional space. Simply clear away tables and chairs, add shelves for book storage, organize them according to genre or author, and decorate the space with personal items like plants, art, or mementos for maximum effect.

Lighting is key when creating an ideal reading nook. Make sure that there is both ambient and task lighting so you can comfortably read without straining your eyes, using dimmers or smart bulbs controlled with phone apps to set different moods for your space.