Do you like to decorate your bedroom in summer or do you prefer to have it the same all year round? Adapting it to each season is a way to take care of the space you live in to make it pleasant and comfortable. Decoration is not only an aesthetic issue but must provide comfort, and functionality and make you feel good.

Do you know what are the most popular styles to decorate the bedroom in summer? The experts at Dalfilo, an innovative startup that is revolutionizing the home linen sector, have identified five essential trends. In addition, you will also find inspiration in the coastal style, the main protagonist of this season.

Mediterranean style

Among the styles to decorate the bedroom in summer, we undoubtedly find the Mediterranean style, which is characterized above all by the predominance of white and blue. The white of the lime with which the facades of the houses were traditionally painted, and the blue of the sea and the sky, which transmit both energy and vitality as well as the calm and relaxation typical of the holiday atmosphere.

How to decorate the bedroom in Mediterranean style

First of all, it is good to give prominence to its two-star colors. You can use sheets that are ideal for sleeping in summer, such as cotton or percale that transmit a sensation of freshness: mix the colors of the pillowcases with those of the sheets, or perhaps you prefer to maintain a uniform tone. The Mediterranean style loves wood, so you can add some decorative elements to this material, preferably in its lighter shades. This proposal is original from Bright. Bazaar.

Classic style

The classic style is restrained and elegant. Stripes are one of its great assets, especially in summer. They are a reference to the seafaring spirit, to the shores of our coasts, to vacations, to the sea, to joy. They represent a true beginning of vacation, a mental change in daily life, which anticipates a more relaxed pace after an intense year of work. Stripes of all colors are acceptable, as long as they alternate with white.

How to decorate the classic style bedroom

Be careful not to overload the environment and not to propose varieties of stripes that clash with each other, otherwise, the effect may be the opposite. We can choose a color, for example, blue, yellow or pink, and select some elements to place in the space: cushions and curtains are a simple option, which allows for a quick and seasonal makeover, without an exaggerated expense of money and energy.

Bohemian style

Unlike the previous two, the bohemian style accepts all colors and thrives on chromatic variety. Colors are a source of style and personality, so it is important to use them judiciously, evaluating combinations that provide harmony. It is a freestyle that leaves room for imagination and plays with materials and shapes but always with a look at naturalness. It is open to trends and experimentation and welcomes elements from various cultures.

How to decorate the bedroom in a bohemian style

Yes to cushions, with various prints and shapes, both to put on the bed and to create a relaxation area with a light rug. If you have exotic objects from distant countries, they are also welcome, as well as decorative elements in wood or stone.

Minimalist style

Decorating the bedroom in a minimalist style may seem simple, however, it is not. The minimalist style implies the creation of an orderly and well-organized space, where nothing is left to chance and where everything superfluous is prohibited. In general, color games are not accepted, but rather a neutral palette that is as uniform as possible is chosen.

How to decorate the bedroom in a minimalist style

For those looking for a neutral space, minimalist furniture is a great option. First of all, you have to eliminate everything that is not needed. A clean and orderly space should appear in sight, without objects around it. No decorative whims, excessive cushions, or prints. You can choose percale or satin sheets, between pearl gray and cotton white.

Rustic style

Rustic is perfect for you if you are looking for simplicity and want a cozy and charming bedroom. The essential elements are the choice of materials, always natural, such as cotton, wood, stone, or rattan. As for colors, pastels and those that transmit calm are the most requested. The rustic style seeks harmony with notes from the past that are integrated into the contemporary space.

How to decorate the bedroom in a rustic style

For a rustic effect in the bedroom, you can start by choosing furniture and decorative objects made of wood, stone, or iron, such as mirrors, nightstands, headboards, or lamps. Charming details that add character and personality to the room. As for bedding, you can choose old pink or cream percale sheets. No to cold colors, yes to everything that conveys a feeling of warmth and home.