15 Incredibly Useful Spring Cleaning Hacks for 2024!

The new year has started. With longer daylight, everything is coming back to life. It’s time to open doors and windows for the annual spring cleaning.

Whether you’re a pro at cleaning or just looking for fresh and effective ways, we’ve got 15 super useful spring cleaning tips to make this year’s job a breeze. From handling tough stains to organizing clutter, these tips not only make cleaning easier but also leave your space cleaner and tidier. Let’s add a touch of freshness to your surroundings!

1.Trace-Free Window Cleaning

Achieve a trace-free shine on windows and glass surfaces with a straightforward blend of two-part water and one-part white distilled vinegar. Wipe the inside horizontally and the outside vertically for easy assessment of any side that may require additional cleaning.

2.Microwave Cleaning With Lemon

Is your microwave plagued by unsightly stains and stubborn residue? Fear not! A simple solution awaits. In a bowl, combine the power trio of one cup of water, one cup of vinegar, and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Pop the bowl into the center of your empty microwave and set it on high for two minutes. Witness the transformative process as the mixture works its magic. Once done, a quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes to reveal a sparkling-clean microwave ready for your culinary adventures.

3.Dishwasher Cleaning With Vinegar

Even the trusty appliance designed to keep your dishes spotless needs some TLC, especially if you use hard water resulting in the buildup of inevitable calcium. To rejuvenate your dishwasher, simply pour a couple of cups of white vinegar into the machine and run a hot cycle. It adds a sparkle to your appliance and ensures it continues running smoothly for an extended period.

4.Efficient Oven Cleaning

Cleaning the oven is a time-consuming kitchen task, yet essential for both delicious meals and fire prevention. Create a thick paste by mixing water and baking soda to a spreadable consistency. Apply it to the interior of your oven, allowing it to sit for at least 30 minutes. For a deeper clean, consider adding white vinegar to the mix. Return to the oven to complete the process and enjoy a cleaner, safer cooking environment.

5.Revitalize Your Range Hood with Oil

As a grease magnet, your range hood accumulates dust, making regular cleaning a challenge. A smart kitchen stove cleaning tip is to use vegetable oil. Simply add a few drops to a cloth or paper towel, wipe down the surface, and the grime disappears.

6.Quickly Wipe Down Quartz, Granite, and Marble Countertops, and Sinks

You only need 3/4 cup of water, 3/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, 5 to 10 drops of peppermint, lemon, or orange essential oil, and 1 squirt of natural dish soap. Mix in a spray bottle, shake well, spray on the surface, wipe with a clean cloth, and you’ll have a shiny countertop and sink. Give it a try now!  

7.Freshen Up Your Sink Disposal with Citrus Peels and Ice Cubes

Simply turn on the faucet, toss in orange or lemon peels, and run the disposal for five seconds. The citric acid in the peels works to soften stubborn waste and combat odorous bacteria.

Put ice cubes down the drain and run the disposal again, clean thoroughly your garbage disposal. As a finishing touch, plug the sink drain, fill the bowl halfway with water, unplug, and turn on the disposal to flush it out.

8.Removing Musty Odors from Clothes

After a winter has passed, your spring and summer clothes might have developed a musty smell. How to get rid of it? Pour vodka (any kind) into an empty spray bottle, then spritz it onto the clothes to dampen them. Let it sit, then wash the clothes as usual, and the musty smell will disappear!

9.Cleaning Old Shoes with Baking Soda

Wondering what to do with smelly old shoes? Sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes that have an odor, leave it overnight, and the next day, just remove the baking soda – your shoes will be fresh again!

10. Quickly Clean Your Blinds

After a year, your blinds may have accumulated dust. Never use water! First use a dry, ultra-fine fiber cloth to wipe away the dust. If there are stubborn stains after dusting, mix equal parts of cleaning vinegar and water. Wet a soft sock, put it on your hand, and wipe each blind. Then, open the blinds, and you’re done once they are completely dry.

11.Effectively Clean Your Mattress

Changing your sheets weekly is easy, but cleaning your mattress can be a tough task. Even though it’s challenging, you should do it twice a year. Start by vacuuming to remove any dust, debris, or loose dirt from the mattress. Then, lightly sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, and let it sit for about an hour—baking soda helps neutralize odors and bacteria. Finally, vacuum up all the baking soda. Repeat the process on the other side of the mattress.

12.Cleaning Coffee Stains

How to get rid of coffee stains on your table? Apply a small amount of white toothpaste (avoid using gel toothpaste) directly onto the stain, then wipe it clean with a cloth. It effortlessly removes the stain.

13.Ceiling Fan Dusting Hack

    Wrap a dry sheet around a clean paint roller and secure both ends with rubber bands. Attach an extended handle to the roller and roll along each fan blade to remove dust. No need for a ladder during cleaning.

    14.Cleaning Bathroom Sink with a Zip Tie

    When your bathroom sink is clogged, grab a Zip Tie and create a few notches at its end. It will catch the hair clogging the drain and pull it all out, and the small holes in the Zip Tie prevent you from accidentally pushing it past the blockage. It’s very effective—give it a try!  

    15.What Can Walnut Do?

    Furniture may wear and tear over time, but those pesky scratches can be eliminated! Simply rub a walnut on the scratches in the wood. Then, use your fingers to rub the scratched area, aiding the wood in absorbing the oil from the walnut. Finally, wipe the area with a soft cloth. The scratches will completely disappear!

    Note that this method is effective for minor scratches only.