10 of the Best Winter Decor Ideas From Interior Designers

In the cold winter winds, some eagerly await the enchanting season of frosty wonders, hot cocoa, and the magic that comes with adorning spaces in winter finery. Embracing the joys of winter involves incorporating elements like snowflakes, candles, plush blankets, and wreaths to infuse warmth into every corner of your home. The key lies in simplicity, carefully selecting pieces that evoke the cozy ambiance you desire without overwhelming your living spaces, entryway, or holiday table. From the inside out, explore our ultimate guide to winter decorating, curated by design experts who have mastered the art of striking the perfect balance, ensuring your home radiates the inviting charm of the winter season.

1. Classic Home and Garden Honeysuckle Patio Pot Planter

Contrary to the notion that outdoor flowers are exclusive to summer, the principal of Illya Goldman Interiors, suggests a vibrant alternative. Opt for chrysanthemums, a robust flowering plant that thrives during the fall. With minimal maintenance, these hardy plants are poised to grace your porch, adding inviting charm that lasts throughout the fall season.

2.Threshold Wreath

Extend the versatility of this wreath by gracing your front door with its winter-inspired charm. Whether choosing a simple twist or swag adorned with winter foliage or indulging in a lavish display featuring varied textures, dried flowers, and a bow made of frosty-toned ribbon, this wreath effortlessly transitions from autumn to winter, adding a distinctive touch to your home’s entrance.

3.Artesia Natural Rattan Charger Plate

Chargers prove to be a swift and effective way to infuse a warm feel into your dining setting. Illya advises opting for natural wicker or even plastic chargers in delightful warm hues. Simply place them beneath your regular dinner plates to bring warmth and substance to the table.

4.Donut Ceramic Candle Holder Stick

Seize the essence of the season by collecting all your candle holders and arranging them down the center of your table. Embrace diversity in heights and types to elevate visual interest and create a captivating display. Fill these holders with an assortment of vibrant fall flowers, infusing both color and ambiance onto your tabletop.

5.Large Wood Paddle Serve Board With Handles

With a focus on nature, comfort, and earth tones, leverage the beauty of fresh and dried greenery and florals to introduce natural bursts of seasonal color. Montoya recommends incorporating handwoven cotton linens as the foundational layer for your table ensemble. Pair them with round leather placemats and crown the arrangement with a luxurious marble or wood tray to serve as the base for your vase.

6.Dried Flower Bouquet

Dried florals are commonly found in fall-inspired bouquets and wreaths, but they can stand just as strong on their own. Illya recommends finding an old jar or favorite vase and placing it on one end of the mantle. Then, fill it with dried fall florals and use ribbon in fall colors to add a decorative bow around the container to finish the space.

7.Fresh Olive Leaf & Myrtle Garland

Make a bold statement by draping a substantial garland around your mantel. Alternatively, collect vases that blend ceramic, terra cotta, and woven rattan to host a mix of dried or fresh flowers. Montoya suggests playing with seasonal colors, introducing a burst of vibrancy with various hues or keeping it neutrally autumnal with elements like dried okra, wheat, and pampas branches.

8.Winter Wonderland Candle

As the winter season unfolds, Illya recommends capturing its essence in your home through captivating scents. Opt for candles with fragrances like pine, peppermint, or cinnamon and illuminate them in your living space. Lighting multiple candles will envelop your entire home in the unmistakable fragrance of winter, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

9.Threshold Oversized Snowflake Lumbar Throw Pillow

Embrace the winter aesthetic with the Threshold Oversized Snowflake Lumbar Throw Pillow. Transform your couch decor by replacing everyday pillows with ones in winter-inspired hues such as icy blue, silver, white, and deep greens. Experiment with textures and sizes to enhance comfort and infuse your living space with the enchanting charm of winter.

10.Chunky Double Knit Handmade Throw Blanket

Choose chunky knit blankets in frosty tones like snow white, icy blue, or silver to seamlessly bring winter colors into your existing decor. For an extra layer of sophistication, finish the look with luxurious cotton or velvet curtains in cool tones, such as frosty blues or deep grays. This approach creates a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for embracing the spirit of winter in your home.