This is a Tiny House That Can Be Built with Just One Screwdriver. Take a Look at This Miracle’s Inside!

At first glance, this tiny house gives the impression of stepping onto the set of a sci-fi movie! It may look small, even smaller than the average modular wooden cabin, but it’s crafted from composite materials, giving it a sleek, modern, and tech-savvy vibe rather than the rustic charm of a traditional cabin.

Actually, this type of tiny house has its own name – the Quick Cabin, a modular, lightweight, sturdy, insulated, and easy-to-set-up dwelling that serves multiple purposes, from a cozy residence to a guest house, backyard office, or studio. Best of all, anyone can assemble it. This cabin comes as a complete kit, with the only tool needed for installation being a simple screwdriver. Plus, the Quick Cabin has been UV-treated, ensuring each component is lightweight yet incredibly durable.

As we can see, the Quick Cabin’s walls curve outward, resembling a giant pumpkin, yet they offer remarkable usable space inside without taking up much ground area.

With a peak height of seven feet six inches, the tiny house can easily accommodate an adult male standing upright, so the interior space is relatively spacious, and you won’t feel cramped inside.

To assemble the Quick Cabin the panels are connected at the top, the middle, and the bottom with interlocking tabs using simple screws. The cabin has a water-tight edge gasket that provides a seal between the panels. Each cabin panel has a sturdy tie-down ring on both the inside and outside.

There are threaded inserts on the interior wall of each cabin panel, making it a snap to install furnishings. When not in use, the panels nest together for compact storage or shipping.

Just like that, threading the rope through the pre-set holes, tightening the screws, and this little house is both light and sturdy.The following are other essential parts of the Quick Cabin.

Here’s the interior of the cabin, with the Quick Cabin’s footprint measuring less than 90 square feet. Basically, each component-made wall has a small window, allowing ample light to enter the cabin.

The door frame is made of lightweight aluminum tubing and replaces any two wall panels on the Quick Cabin. The door is both lightweight, and sturdy and is installed on lift-off hinges, making it easy to transport and handle. All the surfaces on the door assembly are UV-treated and backed with foam for insulation.

The windows are made from shatterproof acrylic that will not yellow with age, the swing-out window is operated by a locking push handle. The windows have a replaceable screen and a simple push-in curtain rod that is supplied with each window panel.

The sink and small tabletop are inset into the walls, making this spot the most spacious and closest to the windows, whether you’re working or taking a tea break inside the cabin.

The roof is made of a lightweight aluminum framework that slips together and is easy to assemble with just a screwdriver.

The 3-layer roof cover consists of a heavy-duty vinyl outside, a lofty middle insulation layer, and a protective lightweight inner membrane. The insulated cover quickly attaches to the frame with button snaps and a pre-laced cord that engages hooks on the perimeter of the frame. There is a 14-inch RV ceiling vent that is included in the cabin kit, which is easily installed from the inside once the roof is set up. There is also an LED light ring around the vent which provides adequate lighting for the entire shelter.

From this angle, you can see that when there are two people inside the cabin, there’s also a single foldable bed nearby. During the day, this foldable bed can be stowed away to free up more space for activities.

This simple little house is indeed an excellent refuge for singles. You can simplify your living space here and cut down on living costs, but for now, using this Quick Cabin as a place to rest outside your home is the best option. You can invite your friends over here for a chat anytime.

If you need more space the extension kit can also be purchased for the Quick Cabin. As many as two extension kits may be added to the Quick Cabin. Each extension kit increases the length of the Quick Cabin by 2 panels.

The panels are rotationally molded from the building material of polyethylene, which is known for being highly puncture-resistant, very robust, and also UV resistant. The Quick Cabin uses a linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), as it was found to have the right mixture of strength and flexibility to guarantee the panels of the cabin will always fit together and provide a strong, durable shelter for many years to come. The cabin panels are foam-filled to add strength and insulation.